Investment Approach 

Ninth Avenue’s approach is to identify superior operating partners, those with a history of expertise in a specific region and property type. Ninth Avenue utilizes its experience and financial analysis skills to independently underwrite specific opportunities. Fundamental property analysis includes site visits, quantitative analysis of projected returns and stress testing assumptions to determine the anticipated value of the asset under different market scenarios. This combination of due diligence is the core competency of our firm. From time to time, Ninth Avenue will sponsor or co-sponsor real estate investments that meet its specific requirements. 

After a potential investment opportunity is identified, Ninth Avenue determines how much equity it will invest and reaches out to its network to gauge the interest of its investment partners. Ninth Avenue forms a single purpose entity (“SPV”) which combines its own investment and that of its partners. After closing, Ninth Avenue tracks and continually analyzes the property performance to ensure the operations meet underwritten projections. Additionally it distributes cash flow, property updates and tax reporting information to its investors.